Taut Collagen Powder Trio Mini (10 sachets)

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A carry-on-collagen sample small enough to take with you on the go. 



Designed for today's modern women, for travel, or to replenish your skin collagen, whenever and wherever.
Now you have the power of flexibility to customize the amount of collagen you want every day.


Each Taut® Premium Collagen Powder Trio sachet contains 3 key ingredients to support our skin's structure and help promote skin firmness, elasticity and hydration. Also helps to strengthen hair and nails.

Collagen is the building blocks for youthful and healthy skin. At age 25, our body stops producing collagen. After we turn 30, our body start losing 1-2% a year.  By age 40 our body has lost up to 20%. The gradual loss in skin collagen results in the slow appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and eventually sagging skin with lack of radiance and glow.

The only way to combat this gradual loss is by replenishing our skin collagen from within.

Each serving contains 1500mg Premium Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen powder mixed with Hyaluronic Acid and Grape Seed Extract that works synergistically to replenish our skin collagen loss as we age. Lightly sweetened with Stevia and cranberry flavor makes it delicious and easy to consume, whenever and wherever. Gluten Free and No Preservatives.

Clinical studies shows ingesting hydrolyzed collagen daily helps to improve skin collagen density and skin health.

Simple. Delicious. Effective.

Each box contains 10 sachets. 

✽ 1,500mg - Premium Quality Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen sourced from red snapper fish. Helps to reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and replenish collagen loss due to aging. 
Effective for skin rejuvenation, supports skin structure, and promotes firmness and elasticity.
✽ 15 mg Grape Seed Extract provides powerful antioxidant properties that helps fight against visible signs of aging.
✽ 5 mg Hyaluronic Acid, a moisture magnet, enhances hydration and maintains skin fullness and radiance.

Pour directly into mouth and let it dissolve. No water needed.

To maintain beautiful and youthful skin, take 1 sachet 1-3 times daily.
Use at intervals throughout the day, up to 8 sachets, if desired.
  • Purest and safest source of collagen: Deep water red snapper fish. Highest degree of purity and effectiveness.
  • BSE-TSE Free, No Chemicals, No Preservatives
  • FDA Cleared as Dietary Supplement
  • Produced under environmentally-friendly production processes (GMP)
  • *Individual results will vary and are dependent on skin type and skin condition. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

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