What's In A Bottle of Taut® Premium Collagen?

Our anti-aging formula contains ingredients that are clinically proven and dermatologist tested to give results that are more immediate and long lasting.

Each 1.7 fl. oz serving is made with real orange juice, and sealed in a tinted glass bottle. 

Preservative Free. Gluten Free. Chemical Free. Allergen Free.

Key Ingredients

Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen (13,000mg) ▸ What Is Collagen?
The highest potency available of the best types of nano-sized collagen (90% Type I & 10% Type III) produces the best results. Sourced from red snapper fish, wild caught in the Indian ocean.

Hyaluronic acid (10mg)
Deeply hydrates and nourishes skin from within to reveal more moisturized, luminous and supple skin.

Chondroitin Sulfate (100mg)
Promotes elasticity of skin and collagen. Also great for our joints.

Vitamin C (300mg)
This “wonder supplement” is an essential co-factor to support the body’s production of collagen.

DNA (10mg)
This amazing protein sourced from Salmon promotes our skin’s defense against the premature aging effects of free radicals.

CoQ10 (aqueous) (10mg)
An aqueous and powerful antioxidant that actively supports skin cells and defends against free radicals and damage from photoaging.

Ceramide (1mg) -
This “moisture magnet”, from corn, protects the outer layer of skin by attracting and maintaining moisture.

Vitamin B6 (5mg)
Provides stress-relieving properties that sooth away tension and help restore beautiful looking skin. 

Contains fish-derived ingredients (Red Snapper, Squid and Salmon).